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The Grady Fund

It is difficult to describe what Grady meant to all of us at Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital. It would be hard for us to introduce him to you so we decided to show you what we had on his web page:

"Hi, my name is Grady and I am commonly referred to as "the clinic cat", I’m not sure what that means but it must be important. I adopted the staff at Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital in November 2005. A very nice lady who couldn’t keep me brought me to the hospital and it has been my home ever since.

I spend my day in the staff break room and I make sure everyone enjoys their break. I provide love, entertainment, and a true sense of relaxation to everyone."

Grady had feline leukemia, a disease that we knew would end his life at a young age. The bright spot he left in our hearts and the lump he left in our throats will however last forever.

It would be impossible to describe how much love, entertainment, and relaxation Grady provided...except all of you know, because you have felt the special gift and warmth of your own special friend. We love your special friends too and that is why we created a garden to honor the special bond we share with our pets.

We would like any of you who have a special loved one that is now a special spirit and memory the opportunity to have a remembrance marker in Grady's Memorial Garden. Along with the memorials we are starting Grady's Gift Fund to help pets who would either be homeless or would not be able to get the care they need. We will ask for a donation with your friend's marker or web site tribute as a living memorial to your loved one.

Thank you from your friends at Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital.