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‘Happy Tails’ Testimonials


PeterWe brought home two retired sled dogs for my daughter's 16th birthday. Nine months later one had to be put down; we didn't know that Range was sick when he came to us. These dogs had lived outdoors their entire lives, and we could not let the remaining dog, Peter, stay alone. So we found a wonderful, loving new source for Range's replacement and made the trip to Ely to get Keta, another sled dog ready for a new home. It was love at first sight. Peter played with Keta in their first hours together more than he had played with Range in their nine months at our home.

Both dogs being intact and opposite genders, we made an appointment for the very next week to have them neutered. They could recover together - great idea. But Peter came home a very different dog.

Peter was a smart dog. He had been dominant with Range, sometimes even aggressive. My daughter had to learn to be the assertive Pack Leader with him and earned his respect. He would never, ever leave her when they walked together or romped in the woods. He was alert and bright.

When the dogs came home from their surgeries, both did well physically, but the Peter we knew was...gone. He couldn't focus. Sometimes he wasn't even aware of being called, even from close range. He wandered off and we couldn't find him. The nearest description I could come up with was he seemed autistic. And it wasn't just toward humans; he ignored Keta's most persuasive invitations to play. It was very distressing for my daughter - and Keta!

No one we spoke with in the veterinary world had ever seen anything like
this, until we found a dog boarder in our area who had been a veterinary technician for years. She had seen it one time in 30 years, and said it was a completely unpredictable result of anesthesia. At least someone had heard of this condition. But no one could help.

That is, until we brought Peter to Dr. Deb Brown. I specifically asked for holistic/natural health care for him (as well as the two cats we brought in). Dr. Brown's treatment included homeopathic remedies and a supplement for Peter, along with very specific injections tailored just for him. It has been a little up and down, but we are truly amazed at how much of "our" Peter has returned. He can focus, he comes when called. He PLAYS! He had not played with Keta for almost a year, much to her dismay. He's not 100% back, but about 80%, and it is wonderful. We are so thankful for the amazing care and the more amazing results.

Thank you Dr. Brown - we love you!

Liz B.




Thank you again to Dr. Brown for coming in on a Saturday, October 3rd to staple up Piper from barbed wire cuts. It was truly appreciated. She was hunting grouse by the following Friday at the Ruffed Grouse Society National Grouse & Woodcock hunt, and then the following week she was in Nebraska where she took 1st place in the English Setter Amateur National Field Trial and 3rd place in the English Setter National Open Field Trial. Dr. Brown did a fantastic job taking care of her on October 3rd.

Thanks again!

Chuck Brandes



We adopted our big yellow lab Gabe from H.A.R.T. a couple of years ago. Gabe is a big, doofy, happy dog who loves everyone, dances in the morning at breakfast time, and loves to get his belly rubbed and play fetch. He loves his toys, and keeps a stash of his rubber ducks, tennis balls, kongs, and other squeak toys under the deck in his “toy box,” where he can pull them out at a moment’s notice when someone comes outside to play.

The problem Gabe has is that he loves everyone so much that he sometimes feels the need to run around the neighborhood and visit people, and that has gotten him into trouble. A few weeks ago, he developed a bad behavior of escaping from every pen I put him in and making a run of the neighborhood. It didn’t matter when I rebuilt the fence higher, or reinforced it, he would stay put for a few days but then figure out a way to escape. As I work long days, it was difficult for me to find enough time to build a kennel area high enough and strong enough to hold him in, and one day I came home and noticed a wound of some kind on his backside. I assumed it was a scrape from his trying to get under of over a fence I’d put around him, but about a week later I came home from a long day in the cities to find him hot moving, and not having touched his food or water all day.

I watched him through the night, and noticed that he got up several times to urinate but couldn’t, nor could he defecate. The next morning, I crawled into his doghouse with him and he was barely alive. I called Dr. Deb on her emergency line, and she called me back at 5am and told me to bring him in a little early. It didn’t take long before she had him x-rays and determined that he had been shot with a shotgun and had been bleeding internally for a week. Deb drained his bladder and got some fluids in him, but his blood count was roughly half of what it needed to be and his temperature was several degrees low. For the next few days, Deb would call me early in the morning, again around mid-day, and late in the evening, well after the clinic had closed, to give me updates.

She did surgery on him and found two large hematomas around his bladder and colon that were pushing against them and blocking his ability to defecate or urinate. The hematomas were caused by the shotgun pellets. Deb removed them, and after providing a couple more days of round the clock care and getting his blood count back up, sent him home with us. Within two days, Gabe began doing his “breakfast dance” again, and within 5 days was running around and chasing his toys like he had never been sick. While he was in the hospital, his “mom” and I built a new kennel, bigger and stronger and escape proof, and so far he has stayed put.

Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Deb and her staff, Gabe is back to being a huge, happy dog that loves to dance, play, and get his belly rubbed. He got a second chance, and hopefully will have a lot of good years of play time and running around (in the yard only) in front of him.

Scott Lucas,



I have always meant to write a testimonial on your acupuncture treatments, just haven't taken the time to do it!

Our story begins with us recusing a 1 year old black lab----did I mention that she also was a hyper black lab? We picked Annie up December 23, three Christmas's ago. Annie would be greeted by our 4 year old red mini dachshund. Maybe welcomed is a nicer description on how Izzy reacted to another female dog in her household.

The next couple of days were hectic in trying to get Annie acclimated to her new home. She had a very bad habit of jumping up and down when she became excited. One day after Christmas, Annie jumped up and landed smack dab in the middle of Izzy's back.

If you are a dachsy owner, you know they are already prone to back issues. We had lost Izzy's sister three years earlier to calcification of the spine.  It was awful seeing Britta in such pain. Our vet then said that the only way we might help her would be costly surgery at the U of M, and then there were no guarantees. We had to make the painstaking decision to put her down. The vet was very helpful and sympathetic to our situation.

So when Izzy started having the same symptoms, I took her to her vet here in Baxter. X-Rays were taken and there was no sign of any calcification of Izzy's spine.  We were given some pain killers and were sent home for Izzy to get better. Needless to say, there was no sign of improvement after a week. Back to the vet we went.

Our vet was very helpful and shared with me that their was a vet in Pequot Lakes that performed acupuncture. He also told me that there was a past Brainerd graduate that had become a chiropractor and her speciality was pediatrics and animals.

I was shared Izzy's pain with a friend at work. She mentioned that her dog had been treated by Dr Deb using acupuncture, There were faviroable results.  Right to the phone I went, and I made an appt with Dr Deb and thus began a series of acupuncture treatments. At Izzy's initial appt, Deb asked us if we wanted to to treat Izzy with western medicine or eastern. We had tried the western form and had no luck, so we said eastern! I believe we had five treatments in all.

The very first appointment Izzy was not real keen on having needles stuck in her. My husband had brought her for her first appointment and he told me that he had to hold Izzy still for 30 minutes while Deb had her hooked to the machine. Every treatment after that she became less agitated. By the fifth treatment, she was actually sleeping through her treatment! Along with her acupuncture, Deb prescribed some natural pain medicine to be used at home. We also made an appt with the animal chiropractor and she gave Izzy one session in our home. We feel that also added to Izzy's recovery.  We were so happy that Izzy responded to the treatments and made a full recovery!!

The story doesn't end here. This past fall Izzy was stepped on again my either our son's lab or Annie again. Izzy began showing the same signs of back trouble. The very next day I brought Izzy to Deb again for a treatment and another one two days later. Once again----another success!!

We are firm believers in acupuncture. Dr Deb and her staff saved our little precious Izzy's life. Any time you have someone hesitant, please give them my number and I would be happy to speak to them and tell them how successful it can be!

Oh and one ore tidbit of information----our little 13 pound Izzy is the alpha dog in our house---and Annie knows that!

Connie Christensen
Brainerd MN



On November 21, 2011 I started Lucky on the Weight Loss Program. He weighed 49.7 lbs. and Jolie and I discussed a plan for his weight loss and maintenance.

Lucky is 1 year/8 months old and is a Labrador/Springer mix. When we started the program he appeared to be a little over weight. I was determined to provide Lucky all the benefits from weight loss to assure a longer lifespan and decrease his risk of diseases, arthritis or cancer.

So off we went after our first visit with Jolie with our plan to cut back his food intake and get plenty of exercise. We walk everyday when possible, which benefits me as well. He is fed twice a day with Nature's Variety Prairie Salmon meal and gets a supplement of omega 3's from fortiflax. His treats are apple bits and he loves them. He is off leash to run around every morning and loves running down the trail in our woods.

Today we went back for our monthly weight loss visit and when we arrived Summer and Jenna commented on how good he looked, he even got his picture taken. He said hello to everyone as if he knew he looked good.

Lucky is very vocal and loves visiting everyone there and talking non-stop. I am very happy that I chose to participate in this program because I believe that he'll be healthier because of it.

Thanks everyone for the quality of care you provide!

Jacqui & Lucky



My dog, a registered Pembroke Welsh corgi named Pikachu Einstein, is a special pet. He has a sense of humor, loves to play and tease, and being a working class dog, is intelligent and has a strong herding instinct.

It is probably Einstein’s herding instinct that got him in trouble with his health. He has been kicked (and knocked out) by a horse while hanging on to the horse’s tail to “herd” him. He has also been hit by our son’s dirt bike while trying to chase it down. A little over two years ago, our daughter and son-in-law brought their beagle over to play in the back yard with our two corgis. (Einstein has a younger half-brother named Edison.) After playing, he came in and went to bed in his kennel. The next day he could barely crawl out of his kennel and couldn’t climb the stairs. I carried him outside where he ate and went down the back steps into the yard. When it was time to come in, I had to carry him from the snow pile he was sitting on. His back legs were not working. I called the vet and the next day brought him in for treatment with steroids. He soon improved, returned home to our five-level house after being hospitalized for a couple of days. What I didn’t realize was that he would try to go down some stairs a few days later and re-injure himself. When I took him into the vet again, he did not respond to the steroids the way he had before. My husband and I began to think that we would have to put him down–how happy would Einstein be without the use of his legs?

During that time when we debated what to do, I met someone in the office building where my husband had recently moved. I told him about our dog and he called his wife who suggested that I take Einstein to see Dr. Deb Brown at Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital because she used alternative medicine methods as well as traditional medicine with pets. I had successfully used acupuncture and homeopathic medicine in the past when I had back problems, so I contacted her. My regular vet encouraged me to go there since Einstein was not responding well to traditional treatment. When I took Einstein in, he began receiving acupuncture and other Chinese medicine treatments. He was also prescribed supplements to heal his back. At first we went often, then as his back legs grew stronger, we returned less frequently. He now goes in for checkups and acupuncture treatments about every three months.

I am amazed as I watch Einstein toss his play ball in the back yard, or chase after a deer running along our fence line. He has been able to resume all the activities that he enjoyed before–including playing “fetch” with his squeaky toys (although I now throw them low, so he doesn’t have to jump as high for them).

I am so grateful for the care that Einstein receives at Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital. He is his healthy, happy self again and is able to enjoy fun and a normal activity level without restriction.

Charmaine Donovan



Hi! My name is Ginger.

I may be a little dog, but I had big problems. When I was four months old, I suddenly got very sick. I couldn’t stop throwing up and I became nonresponsive. I couldn’t move and my pupils were mismatched. It was really scary for me and my owner, Barb. I thought I was going to die.

Luckily Barb takes me to see Dr. Deb. Barb’s known her since her days growing up on the farm and knows she works miracles. When we got to the hospital, the whole team was waiting for me and whisked me into the back. Something was wrong with my brain. Dr. Deb stayed with me all through the night and her acupuncture and herbs did their magic.

The next day I was back to my old self. I was so happy to see Barb again and play with all my toys. And you know what? My cousins Puck and Joie came up to see me and I could play with them, too. I wouldn’t be here without Dr. Deb and her amazing team.

Thanks for saving my life!
Ginger (& Barb) Kohl

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty made her first visit to the Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital as an emergency. She missed on a jump and crash landed resulting in a limp. Fortunately there were no broken bones but the diagnosis was arthritis aggravated by obesity. Miss Kitty weighed 17 pounds!

The vet recommended that she lose weight as this would help with the arthritis and future problems such as diabetes and heart disease. We put her on a free weight loss program through the clinic. This program included a monthly weigh in and an analysis of her food and eating habits by the veterinary technician.

Jolie did an outstanding job adjusting her food amounts so that there would be safe, slow weight loss while ensuring that Miss Kitty would get the nutrients she needs and be satisfied with the amount. It took about a year for Miss Kitty to weigh in at a healthier weight of 11.84 pounds. She is much more active and playful now and there have been no more missed jumps.

Miss Kitty and I are most grateful for all the help and encouragement from Jolie during her weight loss program.



I love Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital! The staff is wonderful ... here is just ONE of my stories…

A couple weeks ago we were enjoying a weekend at our cabin on Sanborn Lake. On Friday afternoon I went to take Joey for a walk and he just sat down and would not walk… very unusual. I then noticed he had broken one of his front outer nails down to the quick… it was cracked and bleeding.

I drove immediately down to Pequot Lakes
Animal Hospital and they fit us in on a very busy Friday afternoon. They had to anesthetize him so they could cut the nail off below the break. We went home with a purple polka-dot bandage and the next day he was running around like nothing happened.

I am so thankful to know we can count on the wonderful staff at Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital when we are up north in the summer.

Kris Massie

Maggie & Millie

Dr. Deb and I have a long history, I have a long ago happy story to tell. Evidently Dr. Deb was new to the area, didn't even have her own practice yet. I assume she was working as an emergency vet - the night in 1998 when I needed an emergency vet, Dr. Deb happened to be the person I saw. I had my new puppy, the most wonderful Maggie Mae. Maggie was playing with a boisterous large dog near some wicker furniture. Suddenly my new puppy was screaming in pain, and there was a lot of blood on her face near her eye. I couldn't even bear to inspect it, I assumed her eyeball was gone. I rushed her into the office, Dr. Deb was there...... she calmed me down, and then calmly inspected my new puppy. There was simply a huge cut near her eye, her eye itself was fine. Whew, a few stitches and some antibiotics, and we were on our way.

A few years later, I heard about this new vet opening up a practice in Pequot Lakes - it was Dr. Deb Brown! Absolutely I brought Maggie Mae there for the rest of her life, until 2010.

And then in 2010 Millie, my crazy Australian Cattle Dog mix, came on the scene. I am lucky to have Dr. Deb and both her conventional Western and alternative Eastern medical practices, along with acupuncture. Millie has seizures, and it takes Dr. Deb and her knowledge, abilities and research contacts to work with Millie. Dr. Deb always has another idea she has learned about to try to help my Millie. She has met me after hours at her clinic when Millie has an especially bad bout of seizures, and has spent time watching over Millie. I also firmly believe in the phrase "It takes a village" because over all these years Dr. Deb has always had a caring and knowledgeable support staff backing her up - it is definitely a team effort. People who meet me see how important my dogs are to me, and ask my recommendation for a vet - I absolutely recommend Dr. Deb and her crew!

Sandy Brodin